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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Plan for Sunday

After our cookout tonight at our house, our guys made a final plan for tomorrow. The city is going to set up a mandatory evacuation starting @ 12pm. The contraflow will begin @ 4am. Hopefully a lot of traffic will be gone by noon.

We are going to have a time of worship, prayer, and bible study in the morning. We will start @ 10am @ Vintage. Our team will be prepared to leave NOLA right after the service. We will podcast our service for our church members who have already left the city. If you are still in NOLA, come and worship with us. We want to encourage you to leave the city with us. This storm is no joke.

Our relief plan is to get to the northshore and ride out the storm. As soon as possible we will return to Uptown to begin relief work. This will be a great time to "Be the Church".

Vintage Church family and friends, stay positive and focused upon Christ.

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