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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sex, Sushi, & Salvation

We are excited to welcome my friend Christian George to Vintage Church as he discusses his new book. Here is a brief description of this book:

There’s more to life than computerized slippers and sexy ring tones. The world revolves around something greater than ourselves, and we all burn for intimacy, crave community, and struggle for eternity.

This is a book about sex, sushi, and salvation – a book of snapshots – the ups and downs, the failures and fortunes.

If you hunger for a raw faith that satisfies the soul, this book is for you.

Since humans were made in the image of God, we have three basic passions—intimacy, community and eternity. We burn for them, save for them, pay for them and pray for them. But only the God who fulfills these desires within himself can perfectly fulfill them in us. This is a book of snapshots—the ups and downs, the failures and fortunes, the smiles and trials. In these chapters, I retrace my travels around the world, from pagan temples in Greece to Transylvanian mountains in Romania. I confess my lust and love, my struggle with truth and my quest for Christ. Fasten your seatbelt. It’s going to be a wild ride. And along the way we just might discover that the God who satisfies us with himself joins us for the journey.

I just finished reading this book this past week. Christian has an incredible gift and God is going to use this book in a mighty way. I especially loved reading about his journey with his wife, Rebecca. I grew up with Rebecca in New Orleans and even spent some time together in South Carolina. I think it is absolutely incredible that she married an author. When she wasn't beating me up or roller-blading, she was reading a book. Christian and Rebecca are a brilliant and loving couple that love Jesus.

God used this book to inspire me to be a better husband.....travel the world in pursuit of what God has done in the past and what God is stirring up for the future.....and even start to like sushi a lot more. If you are in New Orleans next Wednesday, join us at Vintage Church for a great night of jazz, sushi, and great teaching. See you there!