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Monday, June 30, 2008


This question has been digging into my soul over the past few months. I haven’t posted anything for a while for a number of reasons.

#1: Who the heck wants to read what I write.
#2: I hate writing a journal, I would rather read or listen to a podcast then write my own
#3: I would rather talk to people than write
#4: Between being a camp speaker, pastor/planter, small group leader, husband, soon to be dad, and friend...who has the time. Seriously, all of you committed bloggers...get a life. Just kidding...but seriously.

I had concluded that because of these reasons, I would end my short but good attempt at infiltrating the blog world. But then God began to speak. I have learned over the past few months that when God acts, you react. GOD'S CALL TRUMPS ALL.

Over the past week, I really don’t think God could have been more straightforward with me. I first listened to a podcast from the Dwell Conference in NYC. Driscoll spoke about the book of Nehemiah and how it is basically a journal account of his experience of following God’s call. He encouraged new church planters to blog, even if it only blesses your mom.

Then my wife, whom I love and has carried our son with absolute perfection, kept asking and reminding me that it has been a while since I had written anything. Thanks babe.

I also came across a blog by John Piper’s son (Abraham Piper) stating reasons why a pastor should blog. Click here for the entire blog, but here are his points:
1. to write
2. to teach
3. to recommend
4. to interact
5. to develop an eye for what is meaningful
6. to be known

This morning God finally confirmed his desire. Andrew Ogea (new co-pastor of Vintage) and I meet with a church plant mentor once a week. We usually get to discuss one basic idea each meeting. This morning we talked about keeping a journal (of course). He emphasized how he wished he had kept a record account of his spiritual journey in New Orleans over the last 9 years. When I got home I went for a run to the gym, worked out, and then ran back. On the way back you would have never guessed what was on the podcast. Blogging.

Alright God, I surrender. “To blog” I go.

Right now I am sitting in my kitchen, cooling off from the run, throwing down a glass of peach tea, eating toast and peanut butter, and of course BLOGGING.

Here is my plan. Mama, hold me accountable to this. I will write a blog about my spiritual journey once a week. It might not be long, but I will write something (even if I had a bad Chinese food experience). My first blog will be a catch up of my journey since the end of last summer. See ya at the next post.