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Family from South Africa, Born in New Orleans, Lived in South Carolina. Married to Annabeth since May 2004. We have three boys (Bolt, Mack, and Birk). Currently living in Uptown NOLA and serving as Lead Pastor of Vintage Church and Camp Pastor of Student MissionLab.

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

MissionLab Summer #4

I can't believe I am about to launch into my fourth summer with the MissionLab program. Right after Katrina I received a phone call to come back to NOLA and help revive this great ministry. That first summer we saw close to 600 students flock to our city. This summer we have close to 3000 students coming! God is amazing.

Why stick around with MissionLab for so long? #1 God has called me. Enough said. #2 I love it. Seriously, I have a blast. #3 The impact. Each summer I get to preach to hundreds of church groups that have poured into my city to "love God and love people". I could talk for days about the stories of impact for Jesus Christ in NOLA.

Summer #1 our theme was IGNITE MISSION. Summer #2 - LIVE LOUDER. Summer #3 - REBIRTH. This summer our theme is BE THE CHURCH. We will be taking a journey through the book of Acts. I can't wait.

Here are a couple of videos that highlight our mission in NOLA. The second is a video that the groups watch as preparation for their week.

MissionLab Youth Camps from MissionLab New Orleans on Vimeo.

Preparing for your New Orleans Mission Trip from MissionLab New Orleans on Vimeo.

Tonight the 2009 Summer MLab Journey Begins!