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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Arms!

I love hanging with studs! They spur me on toward the mission of Christ.

This past weekend I got to preach for a DNow in MS. We had a blast digging into I Timothy. On Sunday, one of my buddies came and spoke for the Youth Sunday School. His name is Luke Johnson. Although he is a bit of a Pharisee (LOL), God has used him in a mighty way to preach the Word of God with great boldness. God's hand is all over his ministry. In his spare time he likes to write. Check out one of his latest poems.

“To arms! To arms! Church of God"

To arms! To arms! Church of God
Eternity soon draws near
For showing forth in judgement rod
The Son of Man will soon appear.

To arms! To arms! Preachers together
Repent of the status quo
Unless in unction we work forever
Our converts to hell will go.

To arms! To arms! Evangelists many
Lay aside your fire insurance plan
And in the spirit of Preacher Charles Finney
Use the Law to confront every man.

To arms! To arms! You Church Planter
Felt needs never save a soul
Make the Biblical Gospel Your banner
To save the lost and make them whole.

To arms! To arms! Intelligent Professor
Let mere academics not become your love
Don't waste life loving what is lesser
But teach endued with Heaven's Dove.

To arms! To arms! O servant deacon
Fulfill your call to the bride
Give your tough ol' ego a beatin'
Seek humility not power and pride.

To arms! To arms! Christians alike
Get busy while time allows
For you know not the day or night
When that blessed trump shall sound.

Get busy Church! Time ticks away
There are lost sheep to be found
Before the coming judgement day
To arms! To arms! Let it sound.

- L.J. - 2/24-25/08