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Family from South Africa, Born in New Orleans, Lived in South Carolina. Married to Annabeth since May 2004. We have three boys (Bolt, Mack, and Birk). Currently living in Uptown NOLA and serving as Lead Pastor of Vintage Church and Camp Pastor of Student MissionLab.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pastor Rob Update & Invitation

Dear Vintage Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support over the last few days. We have been on quite a ride over the last week.

Here is the basic timeline:

* Wednesday 16th - Mack has a fever and we go to the doc. Nothing serious. Simple medicine given.
* Wed-Sat - Mack starts getting worse.
* Saturday 19th - We take Mack to the Urgent Care because he is pale and not responding. They take tests and say there is no real problem outside of a simple cold. They check his iron and hemoglobin and find out that it is really low.
* Monday 21st - 3am Mack is now gasping for air and is really pale and his lips are blue. We rush him to the ER. They admit him into the hospital immediately and put him on a breathing machine. They diagnose him with RSV. He has a treatment done for 4 hours and then they are forced to give him a blood transfusion because his low iron and hemoglobin couldn't fight off this condition.
* Since Monday, Mack has gradually gotten better although he is really weak.
* Wednesday 23rd - Mack is now off the breathing support, he is smiling again, and will possibly check out on Thursday.



Please also pray for Birk as he also has RSV. We are keeping a close eye on him. Bolt has a cough, but is the same "house destroying" Bolt.

Over the past few days, God has really spoken to me about the importance of community, obedience, and prayer. We are changing some things around this weekend and I will be back preaching the Word. I am so excited to share with you from my heart through the Word of God.

Special invitation this weekend:

Vintage will be on Fox News on Friday Night @ 10pm. A couple of weeks ago, they came and shot a story about our church family. This is going to be a great opportunity for us in New Orleans. You can go to www.fox8live.com to find the story once it is broadcast. Help us spread the word.

As a result of this news story, let's anticipate some new people at our gatherings this weekend. Let's pray for God to open up some incredible doors for us to share the Gospel. I love how my pastor friend in our city compels his church family to share the Gospel. He calls it FRANgelism (Friends, Relatives, Associates, & Neighbors). Go "Live the Gospel. Love the City. Be the Church." by inviting these people to give their lives to Jesus and visit one of our gatherings over the weekend.

Pastor Rob

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Are United

I want you to check out a song and video that our Vintage Creative Arts Team has put together. I think that Travis and Jake are two of the most talented guys that I know. Jake's song and Travis' video share the heartbeat of God's vision for our city through art. Thanks guys for this gift!

We Are United from Vintage Church on Vimeo.

As we have journeyed through 1 Corinthians, God has really been challenging our church family in the area of unity. I believe that this message from Pastor Paul is not only a plea for unity "within the church" but also "among the churches". As the Word has challenged us, God called us to promote unity among the churches in New Orleans. By no means do we believe that this first step is the answer to division. In order for unity and togetherness to happen we are going to have to pursue Gospel partnership daily. However, we are really excited about this first step and will be praying for many other churches in our city to link arms in proclaiming the Gospel.

Over the next three weeks I have invited some of my pastor friends to preach to our Vintage family. I am so thankful for each of these pastors, their family, and their church family. Each of these men inspire me to keep fighting the good fight. I feel blessed to serve alongside them in our city. Please pray with us over the next three weeks as we "punch Satan in the throat" by throwing away territorialism and embracing unity.

Week 1:
James Welch
Harbor Community Church (harbornola.com)
Uptown Campus (4523 Mag St.)
Feb 12 @ 6pm
Feb 13 @ 10:30am

Matt Tipton
Hope Church (hopenola.com)
Metairie Campus (3927 Rayne St.)
Feb 13 @ 9am

Week 2:
Richard Johnson
Desire Fellowship (desirefellowship.org)
Uptown Campus (4523 Mag St.)
Feb 19 @ 6pm
Feb 20 @ 10:30am

Mike Miller
FBC Kenner (fbckenner.org)
Metairie Campus (3927 Rayne St.)
Feb 20 @ 9am

Week 3:
Michael Carney
Calvary Baptist Church (calvarynewolreans.com)
Uptown Campus (4523 Mag St.)
Feb 26 @ 6pm
Feb 27 @ 10:30am

Ty Waivers
Grace Faith Family Fellowship (gracefaith.org)
Metairie Campus (3927 Rayne St.)
Feb 27 @ 9am