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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good Deeds To-Go

The picture to the left was taken a couple of weeks ago by the local New Orleans paper. The picture shows our church friends passing out free cold waters to people at an Uptown intersection. The paper posted this picture with the title "Good Deeds To-Go". There was no article but the caption below the picture says, "Members of Vintage Church have a pleasant surprise for thirsty motorists passing through the intersection of Magazine St. and Louisiana Ave. on Wednesday afternoon. (Names of people) hand out free bottles of water while (another name) holds a sign telling drivers the good news".

One great thing about the picture is that many people came to our church because they saw this in the paper. Another cool thing is that the people highlighted in the picture aren't even members of our church. These are some friends from a church in Florida who came to New Orleans to help out our church. Chaz Churchwell has led mission teams all summer long as they have filled the streets of Uptown passing out waters, picking up trash, cleaning bathrooms, conducting surveys, and sharing the Gospel. I would like to thank Chaz for all of his hard work and I would also like to thank all the churches that came this summer. All of my friends in Uptown now recognize that our church is the one that loves and serves the community. People are hearing the Good News through the hands and feet of the Body of Christ.

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