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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Night Reflections

My friend Perry Noble does this after each Sunday. I think it is a great idea for my own journey as well as those who are part of Vintage. Here are a few thoughts before I crash:

  • I love Vintage Church and can't believe how much we've grown. We had a second week over 100. I can't wait for our first Sunday morning. See ya at 10am.
  • Andrew Ogea is the man. He brought the Word from II Timothy tonight. I loved the cow illustration. Powerful. I am so glad that God has yoked me with brothers like Andrew and Page. Get back quick Page!
  • We had a guest worship leader tonight. His name is Ward Young and is the Music Pastor of East Bayou. Ward came to Christ 9 years ago and went from playing in bars to playing at church. Thanks Ward for leading us. We will be praying for you as you transition to Louisville. Everlasting was amazing.
  • Dang it was hot in there tonight. Found out someone messed with the air. I might kill them.
  • Met some fantastic people tonight. Met a few people who were with us at the beginning, strayed away spiritually, and now are back and ready to get involved. Met some other people who have just recently met Christ and are so excited to connect with a local body. I also got to talk with someone who is really intrigued by our church, but not ready to surrender. We are going to meet for coffee next week. I also got to meet someone who is eager to be baptized by immersion. Praise God.
  • Gave some hard words at the end tonight. It really is because I love our church and I believe in our church. This isn't going to be easy and we need some people to sacrifice.
  • Have I said that I love our members and volunteers! We have a crew that is just flat-out knocking it out.
  • But don't let that get to your heads...remember the month that is ahead of us. Let's grind it out and get the job done. Sept 28 will be here before we know it.
  • In the passage tonight, Christ really convicted me and urged me to flee temptation, not taunt it. I pray that I will continue to "flee youthful passions and pursue holy living".
  • Looking forward to my lunch meeting with Rowan. He is from Australia and is planting a church in California. Great Mate!
  • That's it for tonight. I have to get some Systematic Theology reading done. Grudem is the man. Class @ 8.

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