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Friday, August 29, 2008

Letter and Info to Vintage Church

Vintage Church Family & Friends,

Here we go again. We are praying for God to show His mercy and grace to our area during this time. To be honest, I have felt sick about the possibility of another major hurricane hitting our region. My wife and I took the journey through Katrina and I wouldn't wish that journey on anyone. I have been blown away by the city's progress physically and spiritually over the past three years. Our church is growing and people are coming to know Christ. During this time of concern and confusion, God encouraged me through His Word. This morning I continued my journey through the One-Year Bible and God brought me PSALM 43:5:

Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise Him,
my salvation and my God.

Our hope is in Christ! He is in complete control. During this time, don't focus upon the wind and waves...focus on the one who created and controls the wind and waves. Find rest and peace in Him.


Rob Wilton


Although there are no certainties with Hurricane Gustav, we want to encourage you to prepare and plan accordingly. In the event of a evacuation and landfall of Gustav near New Orleans please keep up with Vintage Church at our website for updates about our church and our city.


* Friday - Sunday
o Assist people in need and finish storm prep of home and church.
o Set Up relief center @ Vintage Church.
o Worship Gathering (10am @ Vintage Uptown)
o 2pm - Vintage Church Relief Team leaves for Covington
* Monday till whenever
o Ride out the storm in a safe place.
o Return to NOLA asap to set up relief center @ Vintage Uptown for our community.

*as you return to NOLA, please contact us so that we can minister to your needs.

NEED HELP: Vintage Church would like to offer any assistance that you might need during this time. We have had churches around the country offer accomodations and help to anyone that is in need. The Vintage Church staff and relief team will remain in New Orleans until Sunday afternoon if you need assistance in New Orleans. After the storm, our church will serve as a relief center for our community. Please email info@vintagenola.org if you need any help.

INFO NEEDED: Following the storm, our church community will stay connected through our website and online community. Please respond when we request certain information. It is our desire to remain connected as a community. Remember we don't go to church, we are the church.




CONTRAFLOW MAPS - created by our very own, Mike Walker.

In the event of an evacuation and landfall of Gustav near New Orleans please continue to check the Vintage Church website for updates on our church and our city. We will post a link to a online network for members to keep in touch with each other.

Check out the changes to our calendar:

8 - Joint Life Group @ Vintage (7-9pm)
10 - Advice Series Ends
13 - Vintage Launch Mission Day
14&17 - Vintage Vision Gathering
21 - BBQ & Baptism
24 - Fall Life Groups Launch
28 - Vintage Sunday Launch (10am & 7pm)

email info@vintagenola.org for more details.

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