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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DETOX: Day 6&7 (Daniel 7&8)

Daniel Second-Half Introduction
An Apocalyptic summary statement: “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” Daniel and Revelation are two of the most different and difficult books to understand in the Bible. Both are known as apocalypses, carrying the meaning of disclosure. The message communicated through an apocalypse is that the future prediction of God’s action is something that would break into the present. Daniel 7 marks a major transition in the book, turning from stories about Daniel and his three friends (Chap. 1-6) to Daniel’s visions of the future (Chap. 7-12). Daniel’s visions revealed that the Messiah would be the ruler of a spiritual kingdom that would overshadow all other earthly kingdoms. Even though the second half of Daniel contains what some might consider strange images and symbols, this section is still God’s revelation of truth to his people. So let’s dive into His message to us as we continue in this present spiritual battle between God’s children and Satan.

Tuesday May 5: Daniel 7

Read Daniel 7

The most important truth that comes from Chapter 7 is the vision Daniel receives regarding the sovereignty of God. The Most High is the supreme ruler that controls history and human nature. This is at the core of the Gospel that we share with our friends and coworkers. At one time we were all eternally separated from God, but the amazing thing is that God did the impossible by making redemption available to us through Jesus Christ. (Rom 3:23-24) The Most High is a conqueror and His saints receive the eternal kingdom. (v.17-18) Will you live in the power and victory of the Most High today?

Deeper Study: Colossians 1:15-29. Commit yourself anew today to the Gospel.

Wednesday May 6: Daniel 8

Read Daniel 8

Daniel was so overcome by the visions of the future suffering of his people that he was set back a few days. (v.27) At this point Daniel didn’t fully understand the vision. Further details were to come later, but until then Daniel got on with his work. When you think about the enormity of the task facing Vintage Church in New Orleans, how do you respond? Today let these thoughts drive you to diligently pursue sharing with people how they can become a child of God.

Deeper Study: Soak up Luke 15. God’s heartbeat is to find that which is lost.

My Reflections:

The last two days we have launched into the apocalyptic visions that were given to Daniel. In ch. 7 we find the vision of the 4 beasts, the Ancient of Days, and the Son of Man. Honestly, all of these visions can be pretty difficult to understand. Don't feel too overwhelmed by all of these readings. There is nothing wrong with studying about the end times, but there is also nothing wrong with resting in the following phrase that my dad is known for saying, "JESUS WAS, JESUS IS, JESUS WILL BE COMPLETELY VICTORIOUS." What should this saying mean for us? It is actually quite simple. In Christ, you are victorious. Do you know Christ? Have you given your life to Him? I hope so. Christ is calling, surrender your life to Him.

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