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Saturday, May 9, 2009

DETOX: Day 10 (Daniel 11)

Saturday May 9: Daniel 11

Read Daniel 11

In spite of present evil situations, God is in control! He has always been and will always be sovereign. The prophecy given in this chapter is amazing when you read history and see that everything God shows Daniel is fulfilled exactly. God knew and controlled the Babylonians, Persians, Alexander the Great and his four sons. When the Antichrist arises in power and unleashes havoc, God will still be in control. Daniel concluded by saying “Yet he shall come to his end, with none to help him.” (v.45) The infinitely powerful God who guides the events of history also extends His guiding hand daily to each Christian. How do you need God to be your guidance?

Deeper Study: Compare yourself with Gideon (Judges 6 & 7)
Ask God for direction in the area of life that you currently need Him most.

My Reflections:

Matt Brick has done an amazing job with these short devos. I love being surrounded by studs. One of the things that sticks out to me the most in Daniel 11 and in this devo is the simple fact that "GOD IS IN CONTROL". This has so many implications to our lives. Our plans, our circumstances, our lives...He rules and it is all for His glory. God has orchestrated all things in this world for His supremacy. How dare I think that I am more significant that Him? What??????? Rob, there are times that you think you are more important than God? Everytime I sin or move against God's will for my life I am basically saying that I am more important than God. One of my pastor friends in town gave me this expression when confronting people on Lordship Salvation. "So what's it gonna be...Kingdom of Self or Kingdom of God." God is in control. He rules and reigns. Holy Spirit, unleash your knuckles upon my life in such a way that I never forget this truth.

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