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Monday, May 4, 2009

DETOX: Day 4&5 (Daniel 5&6)

Sunday May 3: Daniel 5

Read Daniel 5

The story in Daniel quickly becomes a thriller with the intense drama in this chapter. In the ancient world, kings had all the power to either reward or punish people within the kingdom. (2:5-6) Daniel boldly announces the bad news no matter the cost. How courageously do you proclaim the Good News that Christians possess? May we say: “Nevertheless, I will make known to you the interpretation.” (v.17)

Deeper Study: Compare Daniel 5:18-23 with Matthew 23:1-11
Greatness comes from serving. How will you humbly give of yourself today?

My Reflections:

After taking over the throne from King Neb, King Belshazzar brings out some old idols and throws a large party in his home worshiping these idols. While they are gettin jiggy, a large hand writes something on the wall. I am grateful that Daniel wrote this book, because there is no way that we would have considered this story to be true. We would be blaming it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol. Daniel interprets the handwriting on the wall. The message is a tough word. Have you ever been at a party where things have gotten out of hand. How tough is it to stand against the crowd and speak truth? I am inspired by Daniel's boldness. God give me the boldness to stand for your truth even in tough places and circumstances.

Monday May 4: Daniel 6

Read Daniel 6

This chapter is packed FULL of meaning and application for our Christian life. Today our focus in on prayer as exampled in verses 10-11. When a law was proclaimed against prayer, Daniel’s immediate response was to go home, kneel down and PRAY! Prayer was an integral part of his daily life. Today if one of your lost friends barged in on you at home, where would you be found? Are you paying attention to earthly kings or your heavenly King who is the King of kings and Lord of lords? Today get so actively involved in sharing your faith that you have to passionately pursue guidance and strength from God.

Deeper Study: Compare the pictures of the living God in Daniel 3:8-30 & 6:16-27
Allow these passages to explode your view of God, who is more than able!

My Reflections:

What a story! Another King tries to get our boy Daniel to denounce his faith and focus upon God, but Daniel remains faithful. Remember his mission was all for God, his commitment was all to God, and his reward was all from God. What a stud!

God has really challenged my prayer life during this fast. Do you know that we have brothers and sisters around the world who would love to have the freedom to pray to God? But even though it is illegal, it doesn't stop most of them. Most days I can't even turn off the TV or get up a little earlier to pray. God forgive me for my lack of commitment to prayer. May I long to spend time with my Savior in PRAISE, CONFESSION, INTERCESSION, and BOLDNESS (check Daniel's prayer in Ch. 9).

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