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Monday, March 2, 2009

Myanmar Blog (Day 2-Prep)

Day 2 (25 days till Myanmar)

Spiritual - Spent some great time in prayer to begin my day and end my day. This morning was with our staff. We looked at Psalm 121. God is our help in time of need. Our prayer is that God would break us to a place where we fall on our knees completely surrendered to His will and plan for our church. Tonight, I prayed with Sean and Rob at Vintage. They are coming with me to Myanmar. Every Monday night our church opens our doors for a time of prayer from 9-11pm. We are also fasting together corporately from 5pm-5pm. Our prayer was focused on the people of Myanmar, the missionaries that live there, and our team that is going. It was a rich time.

Physical - Of course I am fasting right now, so that helps. But I ate extremely healthy today. Plus I did 45 min on the Crosstrainer and played ball at Tulane with some friends for a couple of hours.

Myanmar Fact -
Official language: Burmese
There are 107 languages spoken in Myanmar
The whole Bible is available in 2 languages. The NT is available in 10 languages. Parts of the Bible are being translated in 1 language. 94 languages spoken do not have a Bible.

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