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Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Reflections

We had another great Sunday at Vintage. Here are some of my reflections from the day:

  • I am loving how our volunteer teams are getting it done. It took us a few months, but we are finally clicking. Thanks to Ben, Mike, Kerri, Alicia, and Adam for your leadership.
  • That text was heavy yesterday. It absolutely wiped me out. I was excited all week about preaching that message. As we ask Christ how we need to love our world, let's not forget the sinfulness of man and deception of the world. Praise God the Gospel is greater!
  • The band was amazing. They definitely looked a little sexier. Thanks to my wife singing. Andrew is doing an amazing job uniting a machine of talent in our church. I got to hear a little bit of the afternoon practice. I am excited to hear Keeva bring the heat soon.
  • We had a ton of guests in the morning. It was slammed to the walls. I personally got to meet about 6 first time attenders. Most of them were brought by members and they have plugged in with our LIFEgroups. Love it. Be the Church! By the way, I got to visit one of our LIFEgroups this past Wednesday. Check out the video of Edmund's group:

  • We had 7 people at the Gospel Class. Really excited about the Tulane students that are joining the church family. I love having this class, but it wears me out after a long morning.
  • Instead of going home and taking a quick nap, I went to CCs on magazine with Page and Matt. We were suppose to read...instead we discussed the challenge that we received from the Word that morning. How can we (Vintage Church) reach out to the poor in NOLA? The need is so huge. I got to travel to TX last week and witnessed a church accomplishing this question. My only answer right now is one person at a time. Lead us Jesus, we are willing to go.
  • The night worship was also amazing. We are seeing a consistent group of 30-40 coming each week.
  • Really impressed by the Pastor of New Orleans Community Church. He brought one of his members to our church last night encouraging him to join our fellowship. Big props Jason! Spoke volumes about your Kingdom heart.
  • I know that my message probably ticked some people off (politically). The most important thing that we can do as Christians right now is pray. Vote...sure. Discuss...of course. Get angry and ugly...heck no. Let's pray over the next few days. God has called us to pray for our country's leadership, no matter who wins the election. Our citizenship is first and foremost in Heaven. We follow Christ!
Well that is all for now. Love you guys. Thanks for taking this journey with us. God has great things ahead of us.

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