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Thursday, November 13, 2008

HIMnI...is that a greek word.

Here are some pics from HIMnI over the last couple of years:

You can find more pics @ www.himni.org/photos/.

I just got home from another HIMnI night. Check out some video highlights from the night:

You can see more videos at www.youtube.com/IMNEWORLEANS.

I can't believe that we are going into the second half of our third year of HIMnI. Here are a few facts about this ministry:

  • pronounced "hymn-en-eye" and it is not a greek word. You could make it spiritual if you would like (HIM-God & I-You). Basically, locals in NOLA say him and I a lot. Sounds cool...so we tagged it. My brother Greg came up with it.
  • God planted this vision in the hearts of four dudes (Andrew, Greg, Travis, and myself)
  • it is a monthly interdenominational worship gathering created for young adults (18-35) in the New Orleans area.
  • we launched HIMnI as a catalyst for young adult involvement in the local church.
  • the Andrew Ogea Band has always been the band with many different singers.
  • our crowds have been as large as 200 and as low as 80.
  • we don't meet during the summer.
  • first year we met at Prytania Theater, second year we met at Carrollton Presbyterian, this year we are meeting at Vintage Uptown.
  • Today, HIMnI is led by my brother Greg and a great crew.
I pray that God will continue to bless this ministry as it continues into the future.

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