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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pink Church Walls...Are you serious?

Welcome to my new home church. I am the new pastor of this great place and I am having a blast digging up new treasures. Let me show you one of my favorite findings. Check out these pictures. What is wrong with this scene?

THE WALLS ARE FREAKIN PINK! Now, I am not a metro. I don't have much style or fashion sense, but seriously who in their right mind would choose to paint a church pink on the inside. It seriously looks like someone has thrown up Pepto-Bismol all over the place.

I am extremely grateful to the prior pastor who has served at this church for over 12 years. At first I thought it was him and his wife that chose this color. I never built up enough guts to ask them. I didn't want to hurt their feelings. After my research today I found out that I was way off. I was talking with a man who has been a part of the church today and asked him if he knew the story behind the PEPTO WALLS. This is what he told me.

The pink walls came from HOLLYWOOD. Typical. Years ago, they used our church to shoot the movie "RAY". I really didn't believe him, so I ran home and turned on the movie. After I skimmed through the whole movie, I didn't find our church or our stupid pink walls. But then I watched the deleted scenes. The last deleted scene is titled, "Ray's Gonna Burn in Hell". There was our church...packed out and clean with a screaming preacher, choir, robes, organ, and yes...PINK WALLS. Thanks a lot Hollywood! Why don't you come back and help us rebuild and repaint our church.

One case solved...34 cases to go. Next week I will be solving a new case. The case is titled, "Let's see how much crap we can store in one small room." I love this call.


  1. I guess I should be glad they weren't filming a remake of "Carrie."

  2. Rob,

    Heard about your pink walls from Ed Stetzer's blog. Great site. Congrats on the challenge of pastoring. I know you'll do well. Emily and I send our love.


  3. Rob,

    Dude you where right, those walls are pink. I say you paint a couple of ninja turtles on the wall and rock on!

  4. No more pink walls!!! I loved working on the church! It was by far my favorite part of missionlab. I fell in love with NOLA and actually get to come back for a NOAH trip in mid-August!! can't wait!!


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