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Monday, October 22, 2007

I love these guys!

For fall break, our HIMnI team traveled to South Carolina. It was a great week, but I am exhausted. Thank you to everyone who served as a host and facilitator for us this week. I would like to especially thank my wife who coordinates our road trips. We had a blast leading people in worship. We were at Midtown Fellowship, North Greenville University, Anderson University, Concord Baptist Church, and FBC Spartanburg. God really moved in a mighty way all week. We saw youth and college students ignited towards the mission of Christ. Our prayer throughout the trip was that God's Glory would be proclaimed.

My favorite story from the week (outside of Nathan being pushed into every bush that we came across) was at the end of the week. I was hanging out in the lobby in between services at FBC Spartanburg when a man came up and asked me who was in charge of our ministry team. I thought we were in trouble. He pulled me aside and laid the smack on me. Here is what he said:

"On Friday Night we were at the bonfire. (I spoke at a bonfire for the FBS youth group following a football game, the band didn't play at the bonfire) We are new in town and my four kids don't have a lot of friends yet. One of my kids loves to skate and he really digs the bands look. I was sitting with my wife observing the kids playing. She asked me who was playing with our little girl. I looked up and three guys in your band were throwing a big bouncy ball with her. Nobody has really reached out to her, and my wife and I were kind of choked up to see her so happy. I asked someone who you guys were and they told me that you were a ministry team from New Orleans. I brought our whole family to hear you guys this morning. God really spoke to me through your group. Your brother (Greg) spoke out of Galatians and challenged us to expand the table of Christ and reach out to people who are not like us. Thank you for being real. You guys don't just talk and play, you walk it."

I was more proud of our ministry team at that moment then any other time. When I shared this with the guys, they redirected to God and His Glory.

Thank you God for yoking me with a team that TALKS and WALKS.

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  1. Such a great story... I'm proud of our guys. Just goes as a reminder that we never know who's watching us and the impact we have on others. What might seem like a simple--and fun--gesture to us may be a huge--and much needed--act of kindness to someone else.


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