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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tears of Thanks

This past Sunday we officially launched our Metairie Campus. It was an amazing display of the grace of God upon our young church. There were so many amazing people who stepped up to make this day possible. Thank you everyone who served Jesus in a major way!

It is so hard for me to set aside any moment from this past weekend that I'll take into the future. Around 400 showed up (a lot of whom were first time guests), the band was the best I've ever heard, we witnessed people respond to the Gospel, 5 people were baptized (one was our Theology & Training Pastor's wife), etc, etc, etc. But probably the one moment that will always stick out to me was a real private moment between me and God. After we opened with U2's "Beautiful Day", we showed the packed house a video of our Vintage history. I was standing behind our media booth. Here was my point of view.

In the first part of the video I'm at my home sharing my testimony and the beginning story of Vintage Church. Honestly, I was more aggravated at this point because I really don't like listening to my voice. When I wrapped up sharing this story, the video transitioned into a picture journey of our last 3 years. It was at this point that I became overwhelmed by God's grace upon my life. I saw a few pictures from our early days, scanned the faces in the crowd, and then went deeper into the media room blubbering like a baby. I couldn't say or think anything except, "Thank you Jesus for letting me be on this ride."

Here is the video:


God is so good and I believe that the best is yet to come!

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