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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg The Homeless - BIG WIN!

It has taken me a couple days to recover and gain clarity on all that God did for us over this past Easter weekend.

Here is a quick overview of the weekend:

(You can check out some pics here)

ELEVATE (Good Friday Gathering in Uptown & Metairie)
Each campus gathered to "reflect upon the cross" through song & prayer.

GIVE (Concert Benefit @ Tipitina's for NO Mission)
During the day, I joined 20 volunteers to lead the NO Mission in a worship gathering and serve lunch. Later that night around 250 people partied with The Jake Smith Band and Chee-Weez. We were able to raise money and provide some equipment that will be helpful to the NO Mission.

GATHER (Easter Gathering @ Tulane's Dixon Auditorium)
Around 300 people gathered to worship our risen Jesus. We saw 7 baptized and multiple responses to the Gospel call that we are following up with this week.

As our Executive Leadership Team met yesterday. We thanked God so much for allowing us to experience His movement this past weekend.

Here are a few HUGE takeaways from the weekend:

1) VINTAGE IS BECOMING A MOVEMENT. Movements begin when things happen that are out of man's control. This weekend I saw barriers to the Gospel break down in people's lives, I saw volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty displaying initiative and willingness, I saw people bringing their entire family to hear the Gospel, I saw sacrifice and hardwork, I saw a passion for who we are and what we represent in New Orleans...I could go on and on.

2) BOTH/&. This weekend I preached out of 2 Corinthians 5&6 about how the Gospel is not EITHER/OR, it is BOTH/&. You can listen to it online here. God has given us a vision of being a BOTH/& church for the glory of God. I can't wait to unpack this some more in the future. This weekend was a great confirmation of the "new wineskin" that God is preparing for our future.

3) ATTEMPTING SOMETHING BIG. Don't be scared of big. I know that "big" isn't that cool anymore, but its okay to put down your organic food and hippie clothes every now and then in order to attempt something big. Probably the greatest lesson that I learned through everything was that I love being desperate before God. I didn't enjoy the sleepless nights, the stress, the tough meetings, etc. I did however enjoy how it forced me to my knees in desperation before God. I can only do so much, but throughout this time God filled in the gap and more. If life is boring and monotonous, attempt something big for God. Watch not only how he will sustain you and show up, but also watch how much you grow. Vintage grew up a lot this past weekend and I'm extremely thankful.

The best is yet to come!

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