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Family from South Africa, Born in New Orleans, Lived in South Carolina. Married to Annabeth since May 2004. We have three boys (Bolt, Mack, and Birk). Currently living in Uptown NOLA and serving as Lead Pastor of Vintage Church and Camp Pastor of Student MissionLab.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Favorite 2009 Vintage Pics

Annabeth and I are currently downtown NOLA. The Vintage Vision Team hooked us up with some R&R to kick off the New Year. We have had a blast reflecting on 2009 and getting excited about 2010. I am so grateful to God for all that He has done and is continuing to do. Here are some of my favorite 2009 pics hanging with the Vintage Fam:

Mardi Gras Outreach

Myanmar Trip w/ Rob & Sean

Lawrence Park w/ my Bolt

Vail, CO
Acts 29 Retreat w/ Annabeth

MissionLab Summer Rap Video w/ Drew

Kidz Summer Outreach

Talking w/ Pastor Cipriano

East Bayou (Vintage Sponsor)
25 Year Celebration for Pastor Mike

Fall Baptism at Valence

Israel Trip w/ the Vintage Crew

Vintage Christmas Adopt

For more pics from the last year go to www.vintagenola.org/photo-gallery/

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  1. Just want you to know it's a blessing to us to be able to bless you and AB. You guys are family. Thanks again and looking forward to another great year that God has in store for New Orleans.


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