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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Brethren, Dwell in Unity

This weekend I was in Bainbridge, GA. It is in the middle of nowhere, just north of Tallahassee. This spring our ministry Ignite Mission has joined up with MissionLab and the Andrew Ogea Band to lead mission weekends in other cities. We showed up in this little town and got quite a surprise. There were around 400 kids from over 5-7 different churches. That wasn't the most impressive part. Those 5-7 different churches were from 5 different denominations. We led worship on Friday Night, they served and did mission work all day on Saturday, and then we had a worship service on Saturday Night. The Holy Spirit came down on Saturday Night as we saw around 40 kids respond to the Gospel. May God forgive us for not assembling in unity.

My fraternity (GHETTO) used to sing this song at the end of our Bible study in my first two years at Covenant College. This is how it went:

"Oh...how good and oh...how pleasant...it is when the brethren dwell together, in UNITY! It is like a precious ointment upon my head, that flows down the beard...even Aaron's beard...in UNITY!" (Psalm 133)
Lord, this is my prayer for the Body of Christ in New Orleans.

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  1. A shout out to the old "Ghetto" amazing! Keep your Head up, the Lord is going to bless an upright man of God.


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