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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Paralyzed by God's Glory

I have never gotten into blogging, journals, etc. I have tried to journal on many occasions, but it only seems to last for a couple of days. I am not a big share your emotions, reflect upon colors and patterns, let's read poetry and dance around like we have sniffed something that shouldn't have been sniffed....kind of guy. This is new territory for me. But I am excited.

So why start now? God led me to fast about 7 days ago. After studying the book of Nehemiah, God ripped me apart for my lack of prayer for the city of New Orleans. When Nehemiah saw Jerusalem through the eyes of God.....he broke down, fasted, and prayed. 14 days from now, young adults will unite in New Orleans to pray. This event started two years ago with 21 guys (picture above) who decided to pray for God's glory to be proclaimed in the city of New Orleans and beyond like it has never been proclaimed before. As we came together, God paralyzed us. It was the most intense time of prayer that I have ever had. God has and is continuing to answer our prayer. On August 24-25, we will unite at Out of Range to intercede on behalf of a city and world. I am praying that God will allow us to see New Orleans like He sees it. When this happens I believe that we will mourn and weep for a city that desperately needs the life-transforming power of Christ.

Today I started a new book. David Nasser has put together a Book/CD project called "Glory Revealed". Top artists from around the country developed a chilled out, scripture-based CD that focuses on the love letters of God. I absolutely love it! And David Nasser wrote a devotional book on the same concept. The first chapter is titled "Glory Revealed through Quieting Love". Zeph 3:17 says, "The Lord will bring (you) quietness with His love". Nasser asks at the end of the chapter to describe moments in your life when you have been quieted by His Glory. As I reflect upon my life, there have certainly been moments when God has silenced my activity and response. But I am saddened because there aren't many of these moments. This has to be my problem. Am I seeking out God's Glory revealed in my life? Am I anticipating God's Glory to silence me? Sometimes I am so busy for Christ that I forget why I am busy in the first place.

As I continue to fast, I want to be paralyzed by God's Glory. I long to be frozen by His power and majesty. Lord, give me these moments at any cost. I just want to be still.

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  1. i am so proud of you and i can't wait to see how God is going to use you to impact new orleans for His glory. i am blessed to have you as a husband!


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